Monday, 1 June 2015

The Sunday Write Up #1

Sunday Write Up HeaderHi all,
This is coming a little late, because I completely forgot to post it yesterday, but now that my memory is working again, here it is.
I'm taking part in a brand new writing group, hosted by Aside from Writing. Every last Sunday of the month, some prompt words, will be posted, and everyone taking part will have to write a scene including all of the words.
Here's my scene for this month.

Prompt Words
follow     missed     bird     delivery     eye

The room is filled with people, so unlike my old school in the middle of nowhere, which basically had twenty kids in the cafeteria at any one time. This place, is suffocating, and the noise deafening. It's hard to focus on any one thing, because there's so much going on. That is, until I catch the eye of a tall guy leaning against the wall on the far side of the room. His dark hair falls into his green eyes, which follow me as I move further into the room. Suddenly all I can think, is how could I have missed him, when now he's the only thing in this room I can see. He watches me with such intensity, like a bird keeping watch over its prey. I know that I should be creeped out by this, and yet I can't look away from him. There's something about him. I gravitate towards him, until a hand lands on my arm, and I'm startled out of my somewhat bizarre staring contest with this boy.
I practically jump out of my skin, I was so lost that for a moment, I'm shocked that there are other people in the room. Until I notice Carrie, the girl I met in homeroom this morning, and that kicks me back into reality.
'Come eat lunch with us.' Carrie smiles broadly, her head slightly tilted to the side as if she's trying to work out what's wrong with me. I glance back towards where the guy was standing, trying to work out the same thing, only he's gone now.
As I slide my tray down onto the table, I look around, in what I hope is a casual manner.
'You don't want to get involved with him, trust me.' Carrie says. So I guess I wasn't all that casual after all. My eyes fall on her.
'What do you mean?' Playing innocent seems like the best option here, which means I need to force myself to pay attention to the people at this table.
'The guy you were just looking at, you don't want to go there, trust me. He doesn't really talk to people, he keeps himself to himself, shows up and sails through lessons, and then he's always first out the door. People have tried in the past to be his friend, but he's just...'
'A complete weirdo, he always acts like nobody here is worth his time. Always showing up late, or missing classes, or skipping out early, but he gets away with it, because when he is here, he tests off the scales.' A guy at the table says.
'That's Jax.' Carrie says, 'One of many who have tried, and failed to get inside the head of the mystery boy.'
'I see.' I say. I look down at my trey, with a weird sense of loss. Then, in front of my eyes, a small plastic bag of all red skittles lands on my tray.
'Special delivery.' I hear the deep voice right in my ear, but my eyes are fixed on the red skittles and I'm so focused on those two familiar little words accompanying the gesture, that by the time I look around, all I can see is the back of his head vanishing out of the room. I breathe out, picking up the candy and smiling to myself, because I suddenly know why he seemed so familiar to me.

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