Monday, 15 January 2018

Layover by Amy Andelson & Emily Meyer | Book Review

Title: Layover

Author: Amy Andelson and Emily Meyer
Format: Digital (Provided by Netgalley)
Pages: 272


This was a very enjoyable book. It was a quick read which I found myself not wanting to put down.
Told in three perspectives, it explores a lot of different things including a complicated family dynamic and mental health issues.
One of the things I liked so much about this book, was the inclusion of Poppy's narrative. As the youngest, she offered a unique perspective on things and I enjoyed how she was the one keeping her two siblings together. Holding their family together.
What you get with this book is a highly enjoyable contemporary, with a decent dose of romance and family drama thrown in.
I enjoyed it a lot.



Sunday, 14 January 2018

See All The Stars by Kit Frick | Book Review

32718970Title: See all the Stars
Author: Kit Frick
Format: Digital (Provided by Netgalley)
Pages: 320


Adopting the Then and Now narrative style which I'm a fan of, See all the stars slowly unravels the events of Ellory's Junior year and the effects it's had on her senior year.
As far as the pacing of this novel goes, I thought it was pretty good. Nothing was revealed too soon and it didn't feel like it was dragging on, which can so easily happen when you're switching from past and present narratives.
The characters all felt honest, well fleshed out and interesting. 
The book has just the right amount of mystery.
I found myself getting some Pretty Little Liars vibes when I was reading this. Which isn't a bad thing.
One thing I liked a lot, was that it wasn't completely predictable, which kept me interested.
Overall, I found this book a really good read, one which I'd definitely recommend. 



Saturday, 13 January 2018

Genuine Fraud by E. Lockhart | Book Review

Title: Genuine Fraud

Author: E. Lockhart
Format: Digital (Provided by Netgalley)
Pages: 264


I loved We Were Liars, so when I saw that E.Lockhart had a new book coming out, I was instantly excited by it.
Genuine Fraud did not let me down, even though I had high expectations going in.
What you get with this book is a dark, twisty story that will keep you guessing. With an incredibly interesting and unique narrative style, I found myself unable to set this book down.
The characters were all well thought-out and were brought to life incredibly well.
The pacing was spot on. I never found myself skimming over a chapter wanting to get back to the action, because there was always something going on, without seeming overly heavy on drama.
Truly, a fantastic read and I'd highly recommend it.



Friday, 12 January 2018

Sugar Lump by Megan Gaudino | Book Blitz + Giveaway

Sugar Lump by Megan Gaudino

Genre: YA Mystery

Published January, 2018

Published by Evernight Teen

Seventeen-year-old travel blogger CC is stuck on a never-ending road trip with her wanderlust-addicted father. When her dad lands the job of his dreams in Sugar Lump—wedding capital of the world—CC finally finds a place to call home. Complete with two quirky best friends and a quixotic guy to crush on, Sugar Lump is more shades of perfect than she can possibly count.
But when CC accidentally overhears the mayor complaining that she has to “take out” a rogue employee for not fulfilling the terms of his contract, the idyllic town’s facade crumbles. Devastated by the possibility of having to move yet again, CC discovers everyone has been keeping a massive secret from her—including her own father.

About the Author:

Megan Gaudino works in a high school library by day and on her own books by night. She’s made up of a mixture of black clothing, iced coffee, and a desire to go adventuring. Those things sort of come together naturally to form a writer. She lives in Pittsburgh where you can find her reading, writing, and Instagraming.

$20 Amazon GC; open INT
Read Below for an excerpt from the book:

He moved a little closer, his jeans gliding easily over the leather, and put his right arm on the back of the seat too. Despite looking like he rolled out of a dumpster, he didn’t smell like it. He smelled like Irish Spring soap.

“When did you move to town?”He wasn’t looking at me, or anything in particular for that matter, but I could only assume the question was for me.


“Will you be at school Monday?”

“Yeah.” I wasn’t playing his game. If he wanted to have a conversation with me, he was going to have to look in my eyes and address me like a human being.

“Are you a senior?”

“Junior.” I flashed him a fake smile he didn’t see.

Thorn raked his hands through his thick, gray-tipped hair, then clasped them behind his head. That position only lasted for a few seconds then he lurched forward, resting his elbows on his knees. I couldn’t tell if he didn’t want to be near me or if he just couldn’t keep still. I slid away from him either way.

“Is she always like this? Really, Henry. I know you haven’t known her long but she can speak in sentences, right?”

“Clearly CC has good taste and knows not to even bother talking to you.” Luna’s dislike for him made me think my snap judgement was sound. He was probably some kind of hot, crazy-haired womanizer.

The easy balance of our trio had turned into a volatile quartet. I pulled a curl though my fingers to keep my hands busy.

“Thorn, don’t. Be nice.” Henry said it in a genial way, but Thorn seemed to take it as law. He sat back, flung his knee up, rested his left elbow on the back of the seat, and unleashed the full force of his wide-set, honey-brown eyes on me. They were so clear and so deep it made me wonder if he hadn’t been looking at me on purpose to save me from how cosmic they were.

“CC, it’s nice to meet you. I’m sorry if I scared you or made a bad first impression, but as I’m sure you could sense, my situation was dire. My situation is dire.” His tone changed from confident and clipped to languid and loose, but I couldn’t tell if it was sincere.

“I accept your apology.”

Love, Hate & Other Filters by Samira Ahmed | Book Review

Title: Love, Hate & Other Filters 

Author: Samira Ahmed
Format: Digital (Provided by Netgalley)
Pages: 288


What can I say? I loved this book from start to finish. Full of interesting characters, I was hooked from the very first line. I read the book basically in one sitting, stopping only to get a cup of coffee. I didn't want to put it down.
I loved the balance in this book between the romance and the more serious plotline, and the way the main character Maya handled situations both at home and at school. This book shows her growing into herself in an uncertain, often scary world and I loved that.
This book felt honest, heartfelt and it was written so well.
There wasn't a single part that I didn't like and I would highly recommend it.



Wednesday, 10 January 2018

147 Things by Jim Chapman | Book Review

Title: 147 Things
Author: Jim Chapman
Format: Digital (Provided by Netgalley)
Pages: 288


This book was a bit hit and miss for me. On the whole, I liked it, but there were also a lot of parts which I found dull to read. Which, I suppose it only to be expected when it's a collection of random facts, some will inevitably be more interesting than others.
The parts I found most enjoyable were the stories which related directly to his life. The stories about sleep-talking and how he met his wife, were to me at least, way more interesting than the random stories thrown into the mix.
I found myself wishing, on more than one occasion, that this was more of a memoir than the book that it was.
Having said all this, however, there were enough enjoyable stories contained in this book, to make it an interesting read and if you love random facts and weird observations, then this will definitely appeal to you.



Monday, 8 January 2018

A Dream for Three (Emma and Violette #1) by Jerome Hamon | Graphic Novel Review

37534167Title: A Dream for Three (Emma and Violette #1)
Author: Jerome Hamon
Format: Digital (Provided by Netgalley)
Pages: 51


The story inside this graphic novel was immediately compelling to me. The two sisters are written so wonderfully and illustrated well. It's such a short installment but it left me desperately wanting more so this will be a series I'll be continuing.
I really liked the art style as well as the story and I can't wait to read more of this.

Rating - 🕮🕮🕮🕮🕮

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Giant by Mikael | Graphic Novel Review

 Title: Giant
35377856Author: Mikael
Format: Digital (Provided by Netgalley)
Pages: 64


I'm in love with the art style of this book, from the coloring to the character design, I was enticed from the moment I saw the cover.
Going deeper than the art, though, Giant tells an intricate and compelling story, against the backdrop of New York City during The Great Depression.
I immensely enjoyed this book and I'd definitely recommend it.



Saturday, 6 January 2018

Book Review | Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken


Title: Wayfarer (Passenger #2)
Author: Alexandra Bracken
Format: Paperback
Pages: 532


After reading Passenger last year, I was so eager to continue the series and yet it took me such a long time to actually pick it up. Now that I've finished it, I'm so mad at myself for not reading it sooner.
Just like the first book, Wayfarer pulls you into a richly created world and has you so invested in the characters inhabiting that world.
Full of drama and emotion, this was a definite page-turner.
A perfect continuation of Passenger. If you haven't checked out this series, I highly recommend it.



Friday, 5 January 2018

Valentine (Valentine #1) | Graphic Novel Review

Title: Valentine (Valentine #1)
Author: Vanyda
Format: Digital (Provided by Netgalley)
Pages: 94


I really enjoyed this short graphic novel. Taking us through the life of the main character, I enjoyed not only the story but the art style as well. This is definitely going to be a series that I'll continue and I'm so pleased I got the chance to review it.



Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Current Writing Projects

Hi all,
Today I wanted to delve into what I've been writing recently. In 2017, I wrote a few full novels, especially during the Camp NaNoWriMo sessions, where I tend to write two or more full novels.  Which is great. However, it also leaves me with a lot of unedited first drafts on my hand.
Which is why this year I want to tackle a lot of those rewrites. I'm also going to be starting a new project called Dear Laura which will be written in a format new to me and I'm still figuring out all of the details. More updates on that one coming in the near future.
For now, here are the books I intend to get through the first stages of editing this year.
This year I'll be focussing on three novels in a companion series I've been working on.


- A tiny, brilliant flash or spark; a small thing; a barely visible trace.

It's been a rough year for Sasha. Starting with the accident that ended her gymnastics career in May and ending with her flunking out of high school almost exactly a year later. Everything seems to be going from bad to worse and she's given up. Her bedroom seems as good a place as any to spend her summer.
Her parents have other ideas. Not willing to let her sink into her self-pitying darkness, they insist upon her spending the summer at their old vacation spot. Lake Wilson. It's just what they think she needs and the last thing she wants.
There might just be one bright spot in her summer. The boy across the lake, Mateo.
On a break from college for the summer, Mateo's parents convince him to join them at the lake where his mom spent her summer's when she was growing up. Giving up a job at a publishing house, he tries to make the most of his summer.
The last thing either of them expected was to fall for someone this summer, but that's exactly what starts happening.
As the summer unfolds, though, Sasha starts to wonder if Mateo's telling her everything. Most of the time he's the perfect guy until he starts disappearing for days at a time with no explanation, then continues to become more and more withdrawn whenever he is around.
Could Sasha's one bright spark be fading out before it can take light? And what is causing Mateo to so suddenly withdraw from her?


- An unfilled space, a gap.

Magnolia Grace never knew her real parents. When she was a baby, they were killed in a car accident, leaving her to be raised by their best friends, who took her in as their own child. Even though she grew up with a mom, dad and a brother and sister, she always felt like there was something missing in her.
At her mom's suggestion, she travels to a small lakeside community in California, where her story began. She spends the summer exploring Lake Winston, where her parents met, fell in love and started their family. While she's there, she attempts to reconnect with her grandparents, who exited her life the day her parents died.
Tensions and emotions run high as she tries to fill the gap inside her with blood relations.
It's not long before she starts to regret the trip, that is until she meets Wes, her grandparent's gardener and the only person she feels she can talk to openly. 
As the summer progresses, Magnolia realizes she may find something she wasn't even looking for.


- The realization that every person is living their own vivid life. 

Layla is a solitary person. Home educated since she was nine, she doesn't have much contact with the outside world and that's the way she likes it.
Each summer her lakeside town floods with tourists and while the few friends she does have, flock to the water, coffee shops, and other attractions. She retreats to her room where she works on her blog.
This summer, she's trying to spend as much time with her best friend Gina as she can, before Gina leaves for college in the fall. Only Gina wants to be out and having fun, not stuck inside wasting the days away.
Then things start to happen. Her mom gets invited to travel the country to bring her fitness classes to different gyms. Gina falls in love for the first time and even Gina's grandma has booked herself on an African Safari. Everyone around her is living a vivid life, while she sits inside watching other people enjoy life from afar.
Something has to change and this is the summer to start taking risks. Starting, with leaving her house.

So, there are my current writing projects. Have you got any projects on the go or that you intend to start this year? Let me know in the comments and please share and subscribe if you liked this post.

Until next time,