Saturday, 17 May 2014

Book Review | The Secret Life of Walter Mitty by James Thurber


The mild-mannered Mitty escapes his extremely humdrum and ineffectual existence by leaping into a myriad of fantasies - imaginative daydreams that range from piloting a Navy plane to performing as a brilliant surgeon to coolly leaning against the wall of a firing squad, all while escorting his wife on their regular shopping trip to Danbury, Connecticut.

This well-known and beloved tale has launched its famous protagonist into the cultural lexicon, warranting his inclusion in English-language dictionaries and countless anthologies. Stiller's imaginative performance as Mitty is the perfect re-introduction to the classic character and is a great preface to the upcoming film, for old fans and new listeners alike.

Pages: 32 | Format | Audible Audiobook | Rating: 9/10 | Goodreads | Audible (Free)

I'm actually a little surprised by how much I liked this book. I didn't really think that such a short read could pull me in so much, but it absolutely did.
I really loved the writing style, there was just something about it that really made you understand Walter Mitty as a character, and that's what great writing should do. It should pull you into the story, and have you feel for the characters. It should be able to make you know who they are, not just superficially, but what makes them tick as well.
There was something so brilliant about the calm exterior of Walter Mitty, while there was more ticking away below the surface. It just made for an excellent story.
I thought as well that Ben Stiller's narration of this was amazing. He captured the voice of the character so well, and it's made me want to see the film a lot more than I ever did.
Overall, this was a fantastic book. I would highly recommend you read it, and it's free on audible so there's nothing stopping you.

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