Thursday, 20 February 2014

Book Review | Anything to Have You by Paige Harbison


Title: Anything to Have You
Author: Paige Harbison
Pages: 368
Format: ebook
Goodreads Rating: 2.90/5
My Rating: 6/10


Natalie and Brooke have had each other's backs forever.
Natalie is the quiet one, college bound and happy to stay home and watch old movies.
Brooke is the life of every party, the girl everyone wants to be.
Then it happens - one crazy night that Natalie can't remember and Brooke's boyfriend, Aiden, can't forget.
Suddenly there's a question mark in Natalie and Brooke's friendship that tests everything they thought they knew about each other and has both girls discovering what true friendship really means.

*Note: I received this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

I've been on a really big YA Contemporary kick recently, and this book definitely had some great elements to it. I actually ended up curling up and reading the entire book in one sitting. 
One of the things I liked the most about this book was the style it was written in. I really liked that it was told from Natalie's perspective, but there were some chapters sprinkled in that were from Brooke's perspective, going over some of the same events and days, but seeing it through her eyes. I enjoyed that a lot, and I thought it added a lot to the story.
I loved that there were some tough issues tackled in this book, and it wasn't really light hearted. I tend to prefer YA Contemporary that has a few issues thrown in, and this book delivered on that front.
I thought all of the characters were really well written, and the relationship between Natalie and Aiden was told really well.
Where then did this book lose points for me? Well first off I would have enjoyed the book more had there been a few more scenes with Aiden and Natalie together, because the ones that were there were really great, and I would have liked to of seen more of their dynamic.
For me the ending felt a little bit rushed, there was a lot that was being dealth with in those final chapters, so I would have liked to of seen it play out a little further.
Finally, I'm not a huge fan of the large time jump epilogues, and this book had one that felt a little like it was rushing an ending to fix everything.
All in all this was a good book, and I'm really pleased I got the chance to read and review it.

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