Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Book Review: Pretty Little Liars (Pretty Little Liars #1) by Sara Shepard

Title: Pretty Little Liars (Pretty Little Liars #1)
Author: Sara Shepard
Pages: 286
Format: Kindle ebook
Goodreads rating: 4.03/5
My Rating: 8/10

Synopsis from Goodreads

Alison, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer were best friends, until Alison disappeared. Three years later, the remaining girls, now juniors at Rosewood Day, are leading separate, but charmed lives.

After living in Iceland, Aria returns home sophisticated and worldly. Emily is a champion swimmer, Hanna is the most popular girl in school, and Spencer's accomplishments make the average type-A valedictorian look like a slacker. But in Rosewood, appearances are deceiving, and when the girls start receiving mysterious texts signed by someone named A, the past threatens to ruin their perfect present. A claims to know all of their secrets—but who is A? How much does A really know? And what can four pretty little liars do to protect themselves from the truth?


I'm a fan of the Pretty Little Liars show, and I have to admit that watching it had in the past put me off reading the books. Not because I don't like comparing books to their adaptations, or even because I didn't want to read it until the show was over (although I want to make sure I don't read ahead). I was reluctant because I'd heard a lot of people saying that the book wasn't as good as the show. Eventually though I decided (partly because the first book was so cheap on kindle) that I'd judge it for myself.
I have to say that I am pleased that I decided to give it a go, because I did enjoy the book a lot. Was it different from the show? Yes and in places I did find it a bit distracting, but once I stopped thinking of the show and just let myself consider the book, I did really enjoy it.
There were parts that started to annoy me, some of the characters were pretty annoying in places and that got a bit hard to read at times, but for the most part that wasn't an issue.
I enjoying the shifting of focus between the four girls, and felt like the pacing of it was done really well, even though it surprised me how little of the show was covered in the first book.
Honestly though I did enjoy this book, and as soon as I finished reading it, I went to Amazon and bought the  second book.
As far as the rest of the series goes, I will continue it and I look forward to seeing how things go.

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