Friday, 29 December 2017

Let's Read Indie

As Told By Tina

As an indie author myself, when I saw this challenge it really excited me. So, even though the official link up is closed, I just had to join.
I'm going to aim to read 1-10 indie books in 2018 and as of the moment, I don't have an official TBR for this.
Where I'll be tracking down my books?
I'm going to scour Goodreads, as well as using books given for review by authors and as part of blog tours that I participate in.
I'm planning to aim to post a review of each indie book that I read, which will be posted here and on Goodreads.
Lastly, I'd like to thank As Told by Tina for hosting.

Sidenote, if anyone is doing this challenge or plan to sign up. I'm happy to send out a few review copies of my own self-published books.

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