Saturday, 20 May 2017

All The Pretty Girls | New Lower Price

Hi all,
I'm excited to announce that my latest novel All The Pretty Girls is now available at a lower price. You can check it out on Amazon.

Here's a little about the book:

Cassie has always been on a certain path. The path to becoming a star, which she was put on by her pageant-loving mother, and she’s been following since she was four. She’s used to the glitz, glamor, and the constant search for perfection. 
Always before, she’s willingly gone along with what her mom wanted, without considering what it is that she wants. Only now, her brothers best friend Aiden is back from college for the summer, and he’s staying with them.
Suddenly, Aiden is challenging everything, and getting her to finally see that she wants so much more than the pageant life she’s been living.
Together, they try out a collection of different things, searching for what Cassie actually likes and doesn’t like, and attempting to figure out who she is.


‘I don’t think it’s accurate to classify each other as strangers. I kind of remember meeting you before, a lot of times actually.’
‘I haven’t seen you in three years. You’re Elliot’s friends, not mine. I’m just your best friends Barbie doll sister.’
‘Wait, hold up, what?’
‘That’s what you called me, right? Pageant Barbie? I have ears, ones that work.’
‘When did I say that? I have no memory of this.’
‘Doesn’t matter.’ I shrug, ‘Seriously, why are you even still up here talking to me?’
‘Because you seemed upset and I’m not in the habit of ignoring people when I see them in obvious distress. I wanted to make sure you were ok.’
‘Oh I wouldn’t worry, I’m plastic remember. No emotions.’
‘Or maybe you just prefer to suppress the real one, just a thought.’
‘Wow, zero to personal in no time at all.’ I start gathering up all of my textbooks, ‘I’m leaving.’
‘I didn’t mean to offend you, I’m sorry.’ He says as I fill up a coffee cup, getting ready to leave the room.
‘Yeah well then, maybe you should have gone downstairs before I came in here.’ I say, walking out of the room.

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