Thursday, 23 March 2017

Judging Books by Their Covers | Part One

Hi all,
It's a well known saying. Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover. So I decided to do a series on that. I hope to post a piece on here each Thursday showing one cover that I love and one that doesn't work for me, and then I'll discuss what I like about it and what doesn't seem so appealing. For this series, I'm only going to be including books that I've read, so I'll also say what I thought of the book.
I'm doing this because, for me at least, there is a element of judging a book by it's cover when I buy books. When I go into a book shop, library or even online. I don't have the time to pick up every book and read the synopsis to see if I might like it, so if I don't know the author or haven't heard of the book, I'll rely on a catchy title or the cover to make me pick it up and learn more. Sometimes I will get books with covers I don't love, which is usually when I already know about the book, it's recommended to me, or it's a review copy.
So, here goes.

Cover Rating
Book Rating

I love this cover. Not only was this an author that I'd read before and loved, but everything about the cover appeals to me. 
The bright colors and fun, explosive design draws me in. I love the way the words are cut into the pattern and the clean white back. 
When I look at this book, I instantly think of a YA Contemporary read and it appeals to me. I look at it and immediately want to pick it up and see what it's about.
On top of that, the name is just so interesting and so this book had everything going for me.


Cover Rating
Book Rating

This cover doesn't work so well for me. The way it's designed seems very basic and not very professional. From the placement of the photo over the striped background, to the banner that looks so flat and unnecessary, it's just not appealing.
If I were to see this in a shop, I probably wouldn't pick it up. The only reason I wound up reading this, is because I was sent the books in this series and they appealed to me, because I love anything based on Jane Austen novels, so the premise appealed to me.
I'm so glad that I did read it, because I ended up loving the books. 
The cover, just wouldn't have hooked me enough. If I'd looked close enough to see the Jane Austen Academy part, I'd be more inclined to pick it up, but aesthetically alone, I would have skimmed over it.

*I should note, even though when I read these books, they were both rated 5 stars. I do actually love The Sun is Also a Star a lot more. So although there wasn't anything I didn't really like about either book, I'd pick The Sun is Also a Star over Only With You.

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