Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Book Review | Someone Else's Summer by Rachel Bateman

Anna's always idolized her older sister, Storm. So when Storm dies in a tragic car accident on the night of her high school graduation, Anna is completely lost and her family is torn apart. That is, until she finds Storm's summer bucket list and decides to honor her sister by having the best summer ever—which includes taking an epic road trip to the coast from her sleepy Iowa town. Setting out to do everything on Storm's list along with her sisters best friend Cameron—the boy next door—who knew that Storm's dream summer would eventually lead to Anna's own self-discovery? 

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Beautiful Cover ✓
Emotional ✓
Great characters ✓
Road Trip ✓

There are certain things I just love in books. If you look at a list of some of my favorite books, you can be sure that at least some of the things listed above are in there. Above all else, books that affect me emotionally always end up getting a good rating.
Someone Else's Summer hooked me from the opening page until the last line. To say this book was emotional would be downplaying it. This book takes you on a journey through Anna's grief and healing process. There's a travel aspect which is always a bonus for me, then you have the addition of a charming a well-written travel companion and it becomes so much better.
Beyond hitting all the things on the checklist above, this story was written well. The characters, pacing, emotion, all of it was done so well. I loved the bucket list style to their trip and how with each item they checked off, I found myself rooting for them to finish the list.
This isn't simply a light, predictable summer novel. There is depth and  emotion running through it and it even had some moments I didn't see coming. Moments that had my eyes tearing up.
An incredible read in the vein of Morgan Matson and Sarah Dessen. I would highly recommend this book.


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