Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Book Review | Extraordinary Means by Robyn Schneider

25443389A bitter-sweet, coming-of-age novel that's perfect for fans of John Green and Stephen Chbosky.

When he's sent to Latham House, a boarding school for sick teens, Lane thinks his life may as well be over.
But when he meets Sadie and her friends - a group of eccentric troublemakers - he realises that maybe getting sick is just the beginning. That illness doesn't have to define you, and that falling in love is its own cure.

Extraordinary Means is a darkly funny story about true friendships, ill-fated love and the rare miracle of second chances

There are some books that just make you want to jump up and down excitedly, because it's just that good. I tend to have big reactions to books. If I hate it, I've been known to throw it across the room in frustration. If I love it, then I get that giddy, jump up and down feeling.
This book, definitely made me lean heavier towards the jumping up and down, than the throwing it across the room. What got me the most about this book, is that it's such a highly emotional story, told in a beautiful way which is kind of the thing that always gets me in a book. Most of the books which make it onto my top books of the year list (which this one has) needs to be emotional. I'm talking, make you laugh, make you cry, rollercoaster emotions. This book had it.
The characters were likable, both main and supporting. Which makes the story so easy to read.
It's the storyline, though, which had me unable to put the book down. It's captivating, on so many levels. For me, it was a no brainer, that this one would make it onto my favourite books list, and climbing pretty high up onto it as well.
So, bottom line. I highly recommend this book. It's emotional, honest, beautiful and wonderfully written. Simply, amazing.


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