Thursday, 25 September 2014

Blog Tour | I Want Sam by Kenny Yao

Hi Guys.
Today I'm going to be bringing you some information about Kenny Yao's book I Want Sam. I have an except, trailer and more.

Meet Sam. A computer savvy kid, 17-year-old Sam Ward is just an ordinary teen, living a normal high-school life. 

But coming home one day...
He found his Father dead on the floor. This changed his life forever. 

He started running... become the most wanted kid in the entire world. 

Together with his girlfriend, Delilah, a professional hacker and a gun enthusiast, they decided to fight back. Then they began to search for answers...

Will they find the truth about his dad's murder? 



About The Author:
Retired Businessman turned writer with four sons aged, 23,21,18, and 16. Widower and free to serve God and save one more for Jesus. Plans to establish evacuation facilities around the world where needed.

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