Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Book Review | Romeo and Juliet Manga by William Shakespeare and Sonia Leong

20791185Romeo and Juliet is ideally suited for the manga format'it has teenage heroes, scheming and villainous adults, heartbreaking tragedy, and the ultimate romantic plot about star-cross'd lovers. Romeo, a Montague, and Juliet, a Capulet, fall deeply in love'and they refuse to let their parents' age-old feud get in their way. When Romeo is banished from their town, a series of mistakes and misunderstandings, along with their families' mutual hatred, finally manages to end their love. An exciting introduction to the Bard for reluctant readers and manga fans alike.

Pages: 208 | Format: Paperback | Goodreads | Amazon

I hadn't ever heard of this book before, and I didn't know that this series existed, but I was in the library the other day, with time to kill before meeting up with my mum, and I found this. I decided to pick it up and start reading while I waited, and see how much of it I could read, since I'm taking part in a read-a-thon and I didn't want to waste any opportunity to read.
I ended up finishing the entire book while I was waiting, and I'm really glad that I did.
I loved the blending of Shakespeare's writing, with a modern setting and the illustrations.I think that putting Shakespeare into this format is a good way to get younger readers involved in the story.
I've read Romeo and Juliet before, seen a couple of movie versions and I know that there are plenty of adaptations of this book out there, but this one is definitely worth picking up.
I really enjoyed it, and I'll be checking out the other books in the Manga Shakespeare series.
Overall, it's a quick, fun read and a really interesting way to experience Shakespeare.


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