Thursday, 22 May 2014

I Read YA Week | Top 6 YA Authors

Hi guys,
Continuing my posts for I Read YA Week. I decided to write up a list of my top 6 (I was going to do 5 but it was too hard) authors who write YA. I haven't put these in order of my favorites, because honestly they're all fantastic.
All of the authors who made it onto my list, are ones that I've read more than one book of, and within those books I've liked/loved all of them. They're authors who can make me laugh, or cry with their writing, and in some cases, do both in the same book.
They're authors whose books I would go back to again and again, because they're just so good and have characters in them that I love.

John GreenJohn Green

Books I've Read
Looking for Alaska
Paper Towns
An Abundance of Katherines
The Fault in our Stars

Favorite: The Fault in our Stars

Morgan Matson

Books I've Read
Amy and Roger's Epic Detour
Second Chance Summer

Favorite: Second Chance Summer 

Books I've Read
You Are Here
The Statistical Probibility of Love at First Sight
This is What Happy Looks Like
The Geography of You and Me

Favorite: The Statistical Probibility of Love at First Sight 

Sarah Ockler

Books I've Read
Fixing Delilah
Twenty Boy Summer
The Book of Broken Hearts
Currently Reading: Bittersweet

Favorite: Fixing Delilah

Books I've Read
Something, Maybe
Living Dead Girl
Perfect You

Favorite: Heartbeat

Sarah Dessen

Sarah DessenBooks I've Read
Just Listen
The Truth About Forever
Along for the Ride
Lock and Key
Someone Like You
This Lullaby
What Happened to Goodbye
That Summer
The Moon and More

Favorite: What Happened to Goodbye

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