Sunday, 11 May 2014

Book Review | Suddenly You (Jane Austen Academy #4) by Cecilia Gray


Fanny doesn't want to be at The Jane Austen Academy. She intends to lay low until graduation when she can try out for the Olympic track team. She doesn't need friends or love. She only needs her running.

But The Academy is in danger. In an effort to save it, Fanny joins forces with the friends she never knew she wanted. Suddenly, Fanny finds herself center stage in the middle of the Academy's biggest love triangle as the lead in the school play...only this track star can't afford to break a leg.

Pages: 202 | Format: ebook (From Netgalley) | Rating: 8/10 | Goodreads | Amazon

Fanny and Tran are adorable. I mean it, they're insanely adorable and I couldn't stop smiling at every single moment they were together.
This is one of my favourite books of the series so far, it was such a fun read.
Most notably I loved it for the relationship between Fanny and Tran. However, that isn't the only thing which grabbed my attention in this book.
I thought that the use of characters was done in a really interesting way. Having Josh and Lucy playing the parts that they did, worked well because it meant you didn't have to get to know two new characters who'd never been mentioned before. In a modern update of Austen's work, where all the characters are blending together, I found that having Josh (Wickham) take on a central role in the storyline of Mansfield Park, worked really well. The same of course goes for Lucy.
I'm liking how the same character is playing a few different roles across the books. I wasn't sure I would like it, but I actually really do.
Once again this is a great book, just like the rest of the series, and I would highly recommend it.

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