Sunday, 6 October 2013

Book Tag | Reading and Book Buying Habits

Hi guys,

I was wandering around youtube earlier, and I found a video that wasn't really a tag, but was a bunch of questions about reading/buying habits. I thought it would be fun, so I wanted to do it as well.
The video was made by the fantastic booktuber Katytastic.

Here's are the questions and my answers.


What genre do you read?

I dip into a lot of different genres, but mostly I tend to read young adult fiction, specifically contemporary YA. I also read a lot of classics.

What type of book (hardcover, e-book, audio) do you buy?

I mostly buy paperbacks and e-books. I've never bought an audio book though I have rented them before. I just prefer reading books rather than listening.
I'd say mostly at the moment I buy e-books, because my shelves are really full.


When do you read? How much time do you spend reading?

I don't have any set times for reading. I'll just pick up a book whenever I feel like it.
The amount of time varies depending on how much I like the book, but generally it's between 1-6 hours.

When do you buy?

Every time I have money. I'm serious, I'm pretty much guaranteed to buy a book each time I get money.


Where do you read?

Usually in my room, but I can read pretty much anywhere.

Where do you buy?

Mostly on I buy all of my ebooks there now I have a kindle, and I buy most of my paperback there as well.
I do also buy from charity shops as well.


Why do you read?

I read because I love being pulled into a world created by someone else. I love seeing how people describe things, and I love getting to know the characters they create.
I read because it helps me become a better writer.
Mostly I read because, simply put, I enjoy it.

Why do you buy?

I love owning books. I just love having my room filled with shelves, and always having something right there to pick up and read.
I do use the library a lot as well, but I prefer buying the books because then I get to re-read them whenever I want without having to make another trip to the library and hope it's in.

I also like to support the authors by buying the books.


Who do you read around?

My family. I'm constantly sitting in the front room and reading while my family are around (I'm writing this while talking to my mum).
I also read around strangers, on the beach and in the park.

Who buys you books? Who do you buy books for?

My two sisters, my parents, my brother and I once got one from my sister's fiance. They all know I read a lot so whenever gifts are needed, a book is always a good option.

I mostly buy books for my younger sister who has her own blog over at The Coffee House. She's been getting more into reading, so I like giving her books to encourage that.
I've also bought books for other family members in the past.


How do you read? (other reading habits & rituals)

I sometimes binge read. I'll just sit down all day and read, sometimes finishing a couple of books in one day.

How much money do you spend on books? How many books do you have?

How much I spend depends on how much I have really. But I guess in an average month it'll be between £25-30, sometimes less. It depends on how many good books I find, and if I'm mostly buying online or at charity shops.

I own around 170-200 physical books and probably about 30 or so e-books. My collection is still growing though.

I tag my sister over at The Coffee House and anyone else who wants to do this. If you do want to answer these questions, please leave a link in the comments to your post/video. I'd love to see your responses.

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