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Book Review: That Summer by Sarah Dessen

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Review #6

Title: That Summer
Author: Sarah Dessen
Pages: 198
Format: Paperback
Published: 1996
Goodreads Rating: 3.50/5
My Rating: 7/10

Synopsis from Goodreads

For fifteen-year-old Haven, life is changing too quickly. She's nearly six feet tall, her father is getting remarried, and her sister—the always perfect Ashley—is planning a wedding of her own. Haven wishes things could just go back to the way they were. Then an old boyfriend of Ashley's reenters the picture, and through him, Haven sees the past for what it really was, and comes to grips with the future.


This isn't the best Sarah Dessen book that I've ever read. I'm a huge Sarah Dessen fan and I did like this book, but it definitely wasn't the best one I've ever read. 
I wanted to love this book, I really did. The story line sounded like it could be really interesting, but I ended up just liking it.

My problem with this I think is that I found Sumner's character to be a little...unnecessary. It seemed like he was hardly even in it. Haven mentioned a few times that he was just what she needed that summer, and how she was spending a bunch of time with him. Only we never sat that, he didn't actually crop up that much, so we didn't see her getting closer to him.
I get that there was the connection between them in the past, when he used to date her sister, but I felt like we lacked the relevance of his character now.

For the most part I liked the characters, though Haven at times was annoying and I found myself wanting to skip over pages (though I didn't) to get past those parts. 

I guess my overall thoughts would be that this is a good book, a quick read and a good story line. I just wish it had been longer so that the characters, and relationships could have been more developed.

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