Saturday, 21 September 2013

Book Review: Six Dates with Jenna by Cynthia L. Moyer

Title: Six Dates with Jenna
Author: Cynthia L. Moyer
Pages: 424
Format: Paperback
Released: 2013
Goodreads Rating: 4.33/5
My Rating: 6/10

Synopsis from Goodreads

They never should have met.

When teen idol Johnny Everett nearly dies in a flood while on vacation in rural Oregon, he is saved by the most unlikely of heroines: sixteen-year-old Jenna Leigh. During the four days Jenna and Johnny spend together cut off from the rest of the world in the foothills of Mt. Hood, their bond is forged, their futures are woven together.

If only the world wouldn't keep getting in their way.

They spend nearly two years in a secret relationship, seeing each other only six times, battling their way through their teen years, across the miles, waiting for their time to be together as a family, fighting publicity, paparazzi, domineering parents, guilt, pride, gossip, and constant loneliness. Six dates keep them going, six times in each others' arms, six times to remember what they are fighting for: love and the right to choose to live their lives on their own terms.


The first 100 or so pages of this book were brilliant for me. I was pulled into the story, loved the characters, and the pacing. It was intense, dramatic and emotional. I couldn't put it down because it was just so exciting. I had high hopes for this book after those first 100 pages.

Unfortunately the amazing pacing of the first 100 pages didn't follow through into the remainder of the book. I get that the whole premise of the story was that they only got to see each other in person six times over this two year period. However I felt like everything was moving at an unrealistically fast pace.
For me I'm really picky about how a love at first sight/insta-love story is written, and unfortunately this book just wasn't feeling great on that front.

Their relationship sped along, but I found it at times to be hard to believe, and I think a part of this is that during the entire course of the book, which spans around two years. I don't think they ever had a fight. I just felt like it would have added to the story a touch of realism if they'd had moments where they weren't entirely agreeing on everything.

The book was good, but I feel like if it had slowed down a little and there hadn't been so much happening on the relationship side of things, then it would have been great.

The first 100 pages were brilliant, but after that it started sliding down the rating scale for me, which is why it ended up as a 6/10.

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