Thursday, 12 September 2013

A New Book Tower


The Book Tower has moved. I was having problems with my old website host, so I decided to switch over to Blogger. I'm excited to explore all of the features.

I've spent some time getting this all up together, but it would be an huge and lengthy task to move all of my posts from my old site to this new one. So I decided to keep the old site open, so that all of my old reviews/posts are still available. You can see them all at The Book Tower.

I have a few pages linked above where I'll be doing challenges, reviewing movies based on books, and other things. This section (the blog) will be dedicated to thing like:

  • Book Reviews
  • TBR's and Monthy Wrap Ups
  • Book Hauls
  • Events and Features (Such as read-a-thons)
  • General Book/Writing Talk
Along with the new site I'm switching to a new review system. Before I rated out of 5, but now I'm switching my ratings to be out of 10. You can view what each rating means in the sidebar.

If you're new here, I really hope you like this site and enjoy reading the content. 
If you're a reader/follower from my old site, I hope you like this new site and layout.

Once again I really hope everyone enjoys the content on this new version of The Book Tower.

Best Wishes,



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