Monday, 30 January 2017

Book Review | Detention Land by Susan Orion

Roger is stuck in detention forever and the only way to escape is by uncovering a deep dark secret about himself and the people around him. Before he knows it, his once “Ivy League” world becomes relegated to a small dark space, where the only human interaction he has is with the voice of a mysterious woman who talks to him from behind the wall.

Steeped in humor and suspense, this psychological thriller takes the reader on a journey through the mind of a disturbed teen genius who struggles to fit in at school and at home. Can Roger escape the shackles of his mind or will the lady behind the wall remain a mystery? This is Detention Land. 

*I received this book in exchange for an honest review*

Detention Land was a very interesting read. I found that it really challenged me as I was reading it, trying to figure out what was read and what was created inside the main characters head.
The narrative style was unique and interesting, which I really enjoyed. I love books which veer away from a traditional style.
While I didn't necessarily feel the suspense promised in the synopsis, I did see the humor and it was definitely interesting and I did keep turning the pages.
What you get with this book, is something new, that will make you question the main character's reality and pull you into his world. It was well written, with good pacing and an interesting story. One smaller negative is merely cosmetic. Simply that I don't really understand what the cover has to do with the book. I do however feel like this is a really enjoyable novel and I would definitely recommend it.


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