Friday, 1 January 2016

Book Review | The Revenge Artist by Philip Siegel

23168399They say money can't buy you love. Becca Williamson begs to differ.

Once upon a time, Becca was the Break-Up Artist, tearing apart unhealthy relationships at her school for just $100 via PayPal. But after a job went really wrong, she went legit for love and now brings couples together. Crushing on that supercute guy in Chemistry but too shy to say hi? Becca has the right formula. Pining for that artsy girl who vowed never to date a jock? Becca will ensure love conquers all. She's even engineered a relationship of her own: the funny, sweet and unbelievably cute Fred Teplitzky, the one guy who knows exactly what to say to make our unflappable heroine...well, flappable. 

But before she can pick out a graduation robe and enjoy her last months at Ashland High, Becca has to deal with a new Break-Up Artist on the block. And this master manipulator is dead set on one thing: revenge. Someone is going around destroying all of the couples she's worked hard to unite. Now Becca has to outwit and outscheme her new foe in a dirty cat-and-mouse chase filled with hacked emails, video surveillance, reputation ruining and a few candy hearts. Especially when she realizes that the Revenge Artist's number one target is her and Fred. 

Looks like there are no such things as clean breaks.

I love Becca as a character. She's a wonderfully flawed character and I mean that in the best possible way, because she just feels so real. She latches onto things, and no matter how much people try to tell her to let it go, she just can't. I sort of loved her incredible determination, and the way it was put across.
I liked the storyline of this book, it kept me guessing to who was messing with her couples, which of course kept me wanting to turn the pages.
This book had a great cast of characters, both from the old book and some new faces, and I really enjoyed that.
It's safe to say that if you liked The Break-Up Artist, then you'll definitely love this one. I liked how Becca felt she'd changed so much for the better, switching from breaking people up to getting them together, but as we go along, we get to see the flaws in her plans.
This is a great read, and I would definitely recommend it if you love YA contemporary.


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