Monday, 18 May 2015

Book Review | Side Effects by Jen Calonita

20893828High school Sophomore, Whitney Connolly, is living in a house turned upside down. After her father abandoned his five children, just months after their mother’s death, her oldest brother dropped-out of medical school to try and keep the family together. As if that weren't enough, Whitney’s medication gives her musical hallucinations that disconnect her from reality and score the drama with her siblings and the high school mean girls to pop music. Meanwhile, sister Lexi parties too hard, brother Jason can’t deal, and the youngest Connolly, Sam, is just trying to survive middle school. As long as they can stick together, there’s a chance they can track down their dad and bring him home. Unfortunately, the family is on the verge of breaking up and one wrong note could disband them before they find him. 

So a while back, I came across a web series on YouTube called Side Effects. It's an interesting concept, I mean I know I haven't ever seen anything with musical hallucinations before, but maybe that's just me.
I really loved the first season, really liked the second and am currently enjoying the third and final. So when I found out there was a book coming out, I was really excited. I was thinking I'd get extra scenes to what's shown in the series, as each episode, is fairly short, so you don't get to see a lot.
There were some add little extras that you don't get in the videos, but pretty much it was just a written account of the things I'd already seen on screen. This being the case, I read it at the wrong time. I read this book a little after it came out, thinking, that since it had been released before season three, that it wouldn't cover any of what happened.
I was wrong. Everything that happens in season three, is in the book. So if you haven't watched season three, and you don't want to wind up spoiling the ending, like I did, then don't read it until you've finished all of the videos.
As far as the book goes, it's good. I enjoyed reading the story as much as watching it, I had just hoped it would expand on the story a little more. Still, it's an enjoyable companion, and a fun read.


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