Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Sweet Summer Read-a-Thon | Challenge Hosts Required

Hi Guys,
I'm going to be hosting the Sweet Summer Read-a-Thon from June 9th-15th, and I'm looking for some bloggers who would be willing to be challenge hosts. Below there's a list of challenges that you can choose from, or if you have your own ideas, feel free to suggest them.
All you have to do is fill out the form below, and I will choose some hosts. There will be more than one challenge on some/all of the days, so there's plenty of room for hosts.
All of the challenges, when mentioned on twitter, should include #SweetSummer.
If you would like to add a giveaway to your challenge, that's entirely up to you, so feel free to do that.


  • Rainbow Spines (Take a picture of books stacked in the colors of the rainbow. Host picks colors and order of colors)
  • If you like this, try this (Recommend a book based on other books)
  • Book Spine Poetry (Create a poem with the titles of books)
  • Something Old, Something New (Share the first full novel (not a kids book) you remember reading, and the last book you read).
  • Spell it Out (Host picks what the word/s and participants spell it out with the first letter of books)
  • Share your Shelves (Post a picture of your bookshelves)
  • Summer Reads (Recommend books perfect for summer. Host picks how many books need to be recommended per person).
  • If you have more ideas for challenges, please don't hesitate to suggest them.

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