Monday, 7 April 2014

Book Review | Letting Go by Bridie Hall

20652993Isabelle is left stranded at the airport, and her only chance of getting home is with her boyfriend’s older brother, Harper. When this good girl and bad boy set off towards home, it turns out that maybe she’s not such a good girl after all. And even bad boys have reasons for their bad behavior. 

The road trip is full of shocking revelations and unexpected emotions, bringing the two of them closer than Isabelle ever thought possible. Maybe too close. 

Title: Letting Go
Author: Bridie Hall
Pages: 132
Format: Kindle
Goodreads Rating: 4.27
My Rating: 6/10

Letting Go had a lot of stuff that I love with books. It has two great main characters, an interesting love/hate relationship, and one of my ultimate favorites, a road trip.
I was instantly drawn to this book because of the road trip aspect, and also the love story. For the most part I really enjoyed this book. Like I mentioned, the main characters were brilliant, and I really enjoyed their dynamic. I even thought that the use of third person narration worked well, even though I usually tend to prefer first person in books like this.
Really the downside of this book is also a positive. I didn't feel like it was long enough. I loved the characters and the setting, and the developing relationship. I just didn't feel like we were shown enough of it. The book is really short, just 132 pages, and I flew through it and didn't want it to end. I wanted the trip to be longer, and I wanted there to be just a little bit more development with the characters.
I wasn't ready to give these characters up, and yet I reached the end of the trip abruptly, and then the end of the book not much long after. I wanted a little bit more, because what there was of these characters, was fantastic.

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