Monday, 24 February 2014

A Strange Kind of Familiar | Chapter One Excerpt

Hi guys,
So I'm releasing my newest novel 'A Strange Kind of Familiar' on March 1st, so I wanted to share a little excerpt from the first chapter. I hope you enjoy it.

Excerpt from Chapter One

'Welcome home.' I smile as I reach the porch, holding the railing to stop myself swaying. 'Is everything ok?'
'Nothing is ok.' Lucy sighs and immediately starts crying. Daniel looks stricken, he never has been good at dealing with girls when they cry. It would almost be funny if it weren't for the fact that Lucy is sobbing next to him.
'It's not as bad as you think Luce.' Daniel says, awkwardly patting her arm. I look to him, hoping to get an explanation, but he's looking down at his shoes again.
'What happened?' I ask steering Lucy round to the back of the house to the screened in porch so she'll be more comfortable. I sit her down on the porch swing. I sit next to her, Daniel remains standing a few feet away.
'I failed.' She sobs pulling me close, her arms wrapping themselves around my shoulders.
'Failed?' I hug her close, if she failed, she can only be talking about one thing. Finals.
'I failed my last final.'
'How can you know that? They haven't been marked yet.'
'I walked out before it was finished.' She sobs pulling an exam booklet from her purse.
'Yeah.' She sniffs.
'Lucy what happened?' I ask, but her answer is cut off by Daniel's phone ringing.
'Is that your mom again?' Lucy asks, choking back a sob, so her words come out like she's got hiccups.
'It's fine.' Daniel ignores the call with a swift shrug of his shoulders.
'She's expecting you home.' Lucy sniffs.
'It's really fine.'
'If you need to go, it's fine, I'm here now I can handle it.' I say quickly.
'Well...' Daniel hesitates, probably debating between wanting to be a good friend, and his personal discomfort.
'Seriously,' I smile at him, 'I've got this.'
'Ok, thanks.' He smiles back and my heart does a little flip, but I'm not thinking about that now, not when my sister is starting to sob again. 'It's nice seeing you again Phia.'

'You too.' I reply as he heads down the steps onto the beach.

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